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Get Your Custom Essay on Service Learning Reflection just from ,9 / page. get custom paper. It was my job to assist them with their homework, projects and to clarify what they were going over in bible classes. I also helped prepare dinner for them and played games with them until their parents were able to pick them up. I was also there to ... Reflection is at the heart of service-learning. Doing service without reflecting is “like eating without digesting.” Reflection helps you to: explore service and the meaning behind service experiences; focus on learning from the community and environment; connect coursework with “real life”; clarify goals and values; Service Learning Reflection Essay. first meeting “What is Service Learning”, he also informed us about the new curriculum the one they had attended at their seminar. It is all about “The Environmental Education and Information Division, DENR”. Our NSTP 2, as he said, is focusing on providing mechanism in sustaining quality in an environment. It is designed to connect learning to real experience through service and reflection (Ball and Schilling, 2006; Becker, 2000). As a baseline to facilitate this development, service-learning is distinct from other types of community service and civic engagement experiences in that the service-learning experience must not only have a service and ... Using Reflection Throughout the Service-Learning Experience Attaining service-learning goals is dependent on effective reflection. Eyler (2001) suggests that our growing understanding of how student learn supports reflective practices before, during and after community service. Service Learning is a teaching and learning method designed to help students’ practice, test, observe, feel, question, and connect what they are learning in the classroom to real life experience. Sometimes those connections are obvious, and sometimes they require students to be assertive and do some digging and reflection. Reflection On Service Learning In The Community 1110 Words